Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Mexico winds.  They either sneak in on a breeze or burst upon us like a scene out of an old gangster movie.  The weapon of choice; harsh winds - blasting us with dirt, sand, enormous tumbleweeds flying through the air or rolling down the streets.  I now understand why pioneer women, living in dugouts went "mad from the winds". 
 Recovery from sickness is much the same as cleaning up from a storm.  You've been shoved around, blasted with drugs, tossed from pillar to post. Slowly, you start moving.  You feel your strength return.  Like cleaning up from a storm, one day the clean up is finished.  Out with the old, in with the new.
 Jesus came to earth on a breeze.  His birth was announced from the heavens.  Years passed.  Then
John the Baptist kicked up the breeze and stirred up the sand.  Jesus came asking to be baptized of John.  Winds changed direction.  Like the seasons across time, everyone who encountered Jesus, was never the same. His words, also carried on the winds, filled those dry, empty places in  their hearts. They were used to windstorms and eating sand. They were not used to chewing on words of Life.  Regardless of time of year they heard his voice, it was spring in their hearts.
We're experiencing spring in our hearts as well.  Jim is feeling much better.  Slowly, my strength is returning.
Though no one can explain this entire event, I was dead well over 6 hours. My body temperature was below 26 degrees Celsius; my  organs were shutting down. I had no muscle tone and did not respond to pain they 'inflicted'.  I asked my first doctor later, did my heart stop beating?  The answer is yes. My neurologist explained to Jim, Bill, Donna and Peggy,  I would not recover.  The Dr's believed I had about two days left and that would be controlled by a ventilator, warming blankets and medication.  They wanted my family to be able to see and speak to me for the last time on this side of heaven.
   Though the miraculous power of God,  I came back.  I started breathing on my own  No more ventilator.  I talked, I fought,  I got up from my bed.  Jim said I asked for my clothes.  : )  I realize this is hard to comprehend.  I cannot comprehend it myself.  I've listened to stories.  I have no  memories until Thursday of that week.  Even those memories are not fully intact. 
I am altered physically but not in anyway that you would recognize. 
I am altered in other ways.  That is a slower process.
More than anything....I know how I felt this morning.   I woke up early enough to see the sunrise break over the Sandia's.  As Kristin read the other day..."God goes before us into this new day...he already knows every moment."  Such a promise.  I trust those words...because they are words of Life.  Whether alive in this body or not. 
I still do not care much for wind...but it has a great and mighty purpose.  The Holy Spirit came in a whirlwind - a mighty wind.  Listen.  The winds may be bringing words of life to you today.
I lift my glass of orange juice, saying aloud - To Life! And to God be the Glory.
love kathryn

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