Thursday, March 15, 2012

Declare The Good News!

Phil Parker fresh off of a 24 hour flight from Afghanistan.
 Kathryn.  Splash down! after re-entry
Photo taken either Thursday or Friday (2/16 of 17, 2012). 
It has been 5 months since I've been here.  Jim and I both have had some delightful days.  We have also had some frightening, difficult & sad days. 
Coco, our 8 year old miniature dachshund.  My protector, my charge nurse, my ever present Velcro friend died of lymphoma. She stole my heart.  I miss her still. 
We went to Teresa and Dan's for Thanksgiving last fall.  We found this little bit of stuff in Joshua TX.  The runt of a litter.  She is presently falling on her back like a brown bear, paws pointing to the heavens.  She loves taking showers.  As soon as she sits on my lap, she falls sound asleep.  Is she a narcoleptic? Lindy Rose Hopper. She is a spitfire and fills the days with laughter.  Our house is still being filled  with an odd assortment of twigs, grass, and dirt.  She and Scout like the same things.
Scattered details of last fall/winter.  Jim became very sick the first night of vacation in Colorado. He did not pass go or collect $200.  He went straight to the hospital. After a speedy release, we returned to ABQ and Presbyterian Hospital (why they do not call us and have our family do a commercial for them is puzzling...).  Diagnosis:  a huge DVT in his thigh (no signs or indicators of this large invader) AND not one but two ulcers. Jim went through month's of testing.  The final diagnosis: a damaged suborbital nerve.  He's had several nerve block shots in his head.  After months of blood thinners and a lot of spinach and broccoli, we pray this the Doppler will show the DVT has dissolved. (the test is in May). Jim has dealt with intense pain and fatigue.  He looking and feeling some better.  Our hearts have gone out to 'little old people' who are both ill at the same time.  You don't have to be little or old. Illnesses come like the March winds.  When and where they want.
First photo/a little more information.  Phil received a message at 3am from the Red Cross.  It stated my death was imminent.  He needed to get back to the States immediately.  His Commanding Officer told him to get packed and found a seat for him.  (Thank you sir).
  Phil served our country in Kandahar, Afghanistan,  doing what he does best. He is a nurse. Though I am family, he also took care of me while he was here (a tall order).
When we Skped in November, I asked him to please come to Albuquerque.  Nope.  He was arriving stateside;  out processing and going home to his family in Seattle.  The Lord liked my idea.  Not only did he come to Albuquerque, but his wife (my sister in law) met him here.  AND he arrived home two weeks early.  My entire family, my brother in law, friends from Texas & AZ and numerous friends  here embraced one another.  Friends and family who could not be here, embraced us as well. They stood in the gap and prayed powerful words. 
The doctors assure me I did in fact die, but I am back.  My neurologist said to Jim.  "She is a miracle".  I've read all of my doctor's notes.  Though I started moving in the wee small hours of Tuesday morning, I have no memories of that time.   Though I've heard I was talking, moving and even sitting up, I recall nothing of the first 3 l/2 days.  Dorothy ("Wizard of Oz") and I woke up in a similar fashion.  Both of us found familiar and dear people talking & staring at us.  Being from Kansas it just seemed appropriate to point this out.
I like to read The Divine Hours (Phyllis Tickle).  Last week I turned back to February 13th.  I'll share a few readings.  While Jim was doing chest compressions on me, these verses and many fervent prayers were being said that day.
"Be strong and take courage, all you who wait for the Lord." Ps 31:24
"You strengthen me more and more, you enfold and comfort me." Ps. 71: 21
..."our eyes look to the Lord Our God, until he shows us mercy." Ps. 123:3b
"Into your hands I commend my Spirit, for you have redeemed me Lord God."
"O Lord My God, how great your wonders and plans for us! I will shout for joy!"
The hymn for the evening was "Now The Day Is Over".  I read through the words of this beloved hymn.  Memories of this Sunday evening closing hymn are particularly poignant.  Chuck's beautiful tenor voice still echos across the years.  Though I do not recall singing this particular verse as a child; angels did most certainly attend me through the days and nights.
"Through the long night watches may your angels spread, their wings above me,
 watching round my bed."
From Ps 40
"How great are your wonders and plans for us, there is none who can be compared to you.  O! that I could make them known...but they are more than I can count!"

Thank you for flowers, plants, cards, numberless prayers, calls,
trips made here,  Love Overflowing. It is great to be back.


Jennifer said...

So thankful for your miraculous recovery. Love you

janet said...

So glad you are back! Love you always!