Thursday, March 31, 2011

In Honor Of Aunt Vivian

                                              Vivian Edna Drum Burch
                                          (August 7, 1906 - March 28, 2011)

Vivian Edna Drum Burch, 104 years young, was born to William E. and Ella Burns Drum on August 7th, 1906, on a farm 8 ½ miles SE of Waverly, Kansas. She went to be with her Heavenly Father on March 28, 2011. Funeral services will be held at 2:00 P.M., Thursday, March 31, 2011, at the Harvey-Douglas Centennial Chapel with Rev. Roger Wood officiating. Interment will follow at Hillcrest Memorial Park. The family will gather and receive friends at the Harvey-Douglas Funeral Home on Wednesday, from 6:00 to 7:00 P.M.

Vivian’s grandfather Edward Drum immigrated to America during Ireland’s potato famine. She was very proud of her Irish heritage. Vivian graduated from Ottawa University in 1931. In 1933, she completed Medical Technician training at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. After training, she moved to Ardmore, Oklahoma to take a job at the Hardy Sanitarium.

She met the love of her life, Richard Burch, in Ardmore on a blind date in 1933. They were married on February 16th, 1935. They enjoyed fishing, traveling and playing golf together.

Vivian was a life long Methodist who faithfully went to church all of her life. Vivian was very creative and wrote several books of poetry. She was also a very big University of Oklahoma sports fan, and had attended the game against Notre Dame that broke the 47 game winning streak.

She was preceded in death by her parents, William E. Drum in 1930, and Ella Burns Drum in 1959; a sister, Wilma Drum Maxwell in 1987; and her husband Richard Burch in 1993.

Vivian is survived by her daughter, Wenona Scrivner and husband Tom of Reydon, Oklahoma; granddaughter Kim Ward and special friend Karen Crane of Norman, Oklahoma, and Tracey Wirth and husband Jack, of Plainview, Texas; two great grandchildren, Thomas Wirth and Jaci Wirth of Plainview, Texas; a nephew Noel Maxwell and wife Ann and family and the surviving Burch family members.

Several months ago I posted one her her poems.  There are many - she was a prolific writers.  Though her life was full of challenges, she remained ever kind, sweet and will so deeply missed.  God bless and keep those who took such goood care of her.  To my great aunts and uncle - sincerest sympathy.  I sense there is a deep sense of loss for all of the Burch family.  I'm thankful to have joined the Round Robin letter several years ago so I could get acquainted with Aunt Vivian through her writing.  I do believe, everyone jumped to her letters and poetry first.  O! how we'll miss that.   Thank you Aunt Vivian for being such a great example of how to live - live long and deep your sweet disposition. 
love kathryn

Monday, March 28, 2011

Great Reviews! : )

     Dance a bit. 
       Prayers answered in the affirmative.   
I saw my breast surgeon today.  After another ultrasound and comparisons with latest test - I am fine.  I will not have to have another ultrasound until July.  So very happy, I danced all of the way out of the office.  A pleased patient, a happy doctor and P.A. Hugs all around. 
I'm sitting here watching the Lady Vols...Notre Dame is killing us.  Go Vols.
Going to relax a while. 
Thank you for to those who have been in prayer over this latest test.  May it be well with you.
love kathryn

Monday Noon

Donna sent this to me a moment ago.  Please click on arrow to open, turn on speakers, sit back and listen.  love kathryn

Saturday, March 12, 2011

No Bag of Bones Here

We are much more than a "bag of bones".   I just posted a few photographs that shows two different bodies.  My family body.  We are all created by God, entering our family by blood, sweat and tears - from our mother's body.  Some stay with their original family, others are adopted into a new family.  Jim and I also live our lives as part of the body of believers in Jesus Christ.  We too live, breathe and try to take care of that body as well.
Our physical body that is constructed of blood, veins, organs, skin etc.  We share a genetic bond with people we do not even know.  Our DNA was spun hundred and hundreds of years ago - providing each one of us a unique and fascinating body. 
My acupuncturist was talking about the strength of my body.  She began working with me last spring.  She has a special gift of listening - not only to my words, but to my body.  She has an instinct for hearing what is hurting and where to place her needles to achieve the greatest good.  When you are being assaulted by poison, her work on me was tender and consistent - never pushing beyond what I could take physically. 
I saw her this past week.  She has always been very vocal about how strong my body is- in spite of the chemicals I was taking.  She spoke from the first day of the 'great strength' I had. I thought instantly of Philippians 4:13.  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  I spoke those words, prayed those words - believing to my core that those simple words hold great promise and power. Words to be trusted.
Last summer I became very ill.  Due to enzymes built into my DNA, I not only had every side effect of the drugs I was taking, my body was "allergic" to chemo -  taking me on a journey close to the edge.  Even though I traveled close to edge of this life and even though my body became very weak; I survived.  Many prayed for strength and for the recovery of my physical body.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made - this body of ours is incredible; remaining a mystery to doctors and researchers even to this day.
My acupuncturist came to my hospital room.  She not only set her needles, but sat with me, telling me again how very strong I was.  She commented over and over how rare it was to be 'this sick' yet be so very strong.
I am grateful for the level of strength and wellness I was given and am still receiving.  I sat with many strong people.  They walked into the cancer center on their own two feet -  spoke words of encouragement and shared in the laughter.  Though I am a witness to their strong bodies and their inner strength, the disease was either too widespread or moving too quickly, they did not survive. But I am a witness to their strength and drew deeply from their "true grit". 
We recently visited with  a friend who had two different forms of cancer - he went through a great deal of suffering with his surgery and deal with pain at this time.  He would also agree his strength came through Jesus Christ.
My acupuncturist asked me to write about the power we have to heal.  I can speak of that inherent gift - for we are created to live and be strong.  However, I believe that power is deeper than our physical bodies and human minds can mandate.
To those who have recently lost loved ones and dear friends, you may believe differently.  You are hurting and looking for answers.  Our human bodies are not made to live forever. And though that may not be at all comforting to those hurting, God said He knows the number of our days.
Reading Dr. Groopman's books he speaks vividly about the human body and the strength of the human spirit  - even when pushed to limits we do not want to imagine, we can survive and 'live again'. 
Speaking of bodies - I have a "spot" on my spine and sternum.  I've had deep bone and joint pain - which may just be arthritis and the effects of chemo (which is also powerful and can create some havoc even after the treatments are in the past).  I have a "spot" on my skull.  I've had two xrays on my skull and both times the report states it is the same size and may be venous lakes.  I have to return to the imaging center for another mammogram and ultrasound. To date all tests have been negative.  I like negative test results. I'm optimistic the upcoming xray of my skull, MRI of my sternum and back, mammogram/ultrasound & bone scan will be cancer free.
The joy of the Lord is my strength.  
Thank You God for our physical bodies, for strength for our days - even when your body fails to live up to your expectations - we have been given an incredible gift.
Have a great week,
love kathryn

Family: A Photo Album

Left to Right: me, Mom, my sister, Teresa...also mother of the bride, Leah Kathryn, not pictured : )
Jim and Kathryn
David and Leah Kathryn's Wedding

me and Janet (Alexander) Hamilton - friends circa 1976.  love you! Janet

(L to R) Christine, daughter in law of Dan and Teresa,
Emma! Alan and Christine's daughter
Teresa and Kathryn
"Billie Jean" is Emma's song!!

Speeding forward...a couple of weeks ago

New & dear friends
(L to R)
Thu Fenno, Kathryn and Wyatt Fenno
We met on the eve of the trip to Colorado for Molly's decompression surgery (for chiari).  We had dinner with Bill & Donna Estes that evening and they invited Thu and Wyatt to join us.  We had a great evening, laughing, getting acquainted with these Texans who arrived here via Oklahoma.  We were blessed by the evening and by the prayers of our dear friends for Molly's doctors, nurses and for her protection during the surgery.  Wyatt and Thu will walk through fire for their church family.   They have proven this to us.  They have gone where angels fear to tread and blessed our lives by showing God's grace and great mercy.  We love you and are glad you and your beautiful family are in our lives - not only every time the church meets formally but in our daily lives as well.  True believers in the God who also shares His heart with us.  Thank you for being part of our lives.